Information for the partner, family and friends

The condition of nausea; vomiting in pregnancy (aka: “morning sickness”) is a known bothersome phenomenon affecting up to 85% of pregnant women. It can occur at any hour of the day or night and its symptoms vary from one woman to another. Many pregnant women develop aversion to certain smells, tastes, sights, certain types of touch or sexual contact. These changes may create confusion, offend and at times even cause conflicts and resentment between partners.


If you have a partner, family member or friend who is suffering from morning sickness, there are things you can do to help:

  • Try to identify what bothers her. Help her avoid these things.
  • Be aware of the changes (such as mood swings, fatigue, discomfort, body transformation) in your partner due to pregnancy hormones.
  • Remind her, or better yet, serve her a drink and a snack every 1 to 2 hours, so she drinks enough fluids.
  • Prepare snacks for her.
  • Save her the need to cook and prepare meals, or bring home prepared meals.
  • Help with chores and housework, childcare and the like.
  • Remind her to rest. Women are more tired than usual during pregnancy, especially during early and late pregnancy.
  • Show love, sympathy and support.
  • We recommend you read the various chapters of this website, which will better explain what she is going through and allow you to help her and make things easier for her.